Stafford Amateur Radio Association

Amateur Radio - Emergency Communications - SKYWARN

Weekly Activities

General Voice Net
8:00 PM
147.375 MHz
CTCSS 79.7 Hz
General Voice Net Script
7:30 PM
145.320 MHz(-)
D-STAR Net Script
During Severe Weather
145.270 MHz(-) (CTCSS Off)

S.A.R.A. Repeaters


The Stafford Amateur Radio Association Repeater System consists of several repeaters both analog and digital supporting both D-STAR and Yaesu C4FM.

Frequency CTCSS
145.270 MHz (-) 79.7 Hz
147.375 MHz (+) 79.7 Hz
442.450 MHz (+) 79.7 Hz for analog
The 442.450 is a Fusion repeater which will permit digital C4FM or analog conversation, but is not connected to the Internet.
444.450 MHz (+) 79.9 Hz for analog
The 444.450 will permit digital C4FM or analog conversation and is connected to the Internet for Wires-X capability. Both require the Pl Tone for analog conversations.
145.550 MHz Packet N/A
Frequency D-Star Setting Digital Mode
145.320 MHz (-) WS4VA C Voice
447.275 MHz (-) WS4VA B Voice
1282.20 MHz (-) WS4VA A Voice
1298.40 MHz DD WS4VA D Data
D-Star Gateway WS4VA G

Repeater Trustee:  K3EP

Repeater Technical Committee:  Rich Corrigan (KH7RC); Kelly Alford (KA7KDA); Harry Kern (KI4JVE); and Sig Gates (N4SIG).  We are looking for some members who are technically qualified and who may be interested in joining the Technical Committee.  If you are one, please email K3EP.

This repeater system is expensive to operate. If you are a regular user we request you to join our association or give a donation to help maintain the repeater system.

Repeater Etiquette: Old timers and newcomers alike should periodically review this Repeater Etiquette page.

If you hear a problem with the repeater, please contact any of the Technical Committee or a Control Operator. The control operators have the codes to shut any repeater off or turn off the whole system.